We took some of the world's biggest artists and had them perform in small intimate spaces while being streamed live over Facebook. Each performance was treated as a live internet TV show with a host, motion graphics, and live fan Q+A.

Facebook like increase
Views of live and branded content
Press impressions worldwide
We allowed the world to tune in live to branded event content on Facebook.
We came up with a creative way to effectively market Hitachi's G-Technology line of external storage products with a campaign called Tight Space. Tight Space included huge artists performing in intimate "tight" spaces in New York, London and Paris that were broadcast live on the brand's Facebook Pages.

We worked with our artists to secure the appropriate venue, sourced local celebrity hosts as well as multi-camera and live edit crews in each city. To drive viewership, our strategy relied heavily on the artist partners that we contracted with; at the time A-Trak, Chromeo, Dada Life and Above & Beyond had a collective total of over three million fans on Facebook.
Additionally, we enlisted the help of top YouTube celebrity Vlogger KevJumba who attended and documented a Tight Space live stream in Brooklyn, driving more viewers and social media acquisitions. We produced a custom Facebook application with an embedded live stream player, real time chat feature allowing viewers to communicate with each other and the host, and additional content about G-Technology and all of the artists.

We localized the app for G-Technology's US, EU, French, and German Facebook Pages. These custom portals were updated post-stream with a recap of the performance and interview with all of the artists that generated evergreen content for the brand. The application also hosted fly-away contests for fans to win an opportunity to attend a live stream, and music downloads from the artists.
CLIENT Hitachi
INDUSTRY Technology
LOCATION Global Campaign with activations in New York, London and Paris.

A completely produced web performance series featuring top-tier music acts broadcasting live from New York, London and Paris across 5 episodes.

Design and Development
Social Media + Ad Strategy
Publicity Outreach
Event Production + Live Streaming